Infrastructure Initiatives

The Samajwadi Party is focused on improving the delivery, maintenance, and operation of physical infrastructure. The Party have accomplished this through various policies introduced to focus solely on this important aspect along with multiple collaborations with partners in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Various policies and schemes have been put in place as part of the Uttar Pradesh Industrial and Infrastructure Investment Policy 2012. According to which, escort services and single window clearing will be given to investors. A new EPF reimbursement scheme has been initiated to increase the employment rate in the state. There will be a 100% exemption from duty stamp for new industrial units being set up in Eastern and Central Uttar Pradesh, which will ensure the growth of the entire state.

The Samajwadi Party has proclaimed that it will be providing a total exemption from stamp duty for sectors like IT, agro processing units, biotechnology, and infrastructure projects such as roads, trans-shipment centres, power, warehousing, wholesale, and cold storage. In the Budget 2016-17, around Rs. 100,000 crore have been proposed for infrastructural development.

Solar Power industries now provide for a lucrative instrument for easier setup in the state. From Capital Interest Subsidy Scheme to Exemption of Entry Taxes has lured many big names to Uttar Pradesh, strengthening the infrastructure of the state.